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I am very pleased that I was part of this amazing group show, SYSTEMIC EQUALITY, curated by the artist GILF! This was an amazing collection of work tackling complex social issues. The following is GILF's curatorial statement:

We are outraged. Institutional violence, racism, murder, apathy. We protest. In the streets, in our statements, with our work. This systematic inequality is hundreds of years old, rooted in deliberate inertia, there to maintain the unjust structures of society. We’ve created awareness with our voices yet the system we challenge is slow to change.

It is time to step forward from creating awareness to creating solutions. We understand that solutions will not come from a system tasked with changing itself. The solutions must come from those demanding change. The creativity that lies within divergent, artistic thinkers is what will develop a world for which we are all striving. Consider the concept of complete Systematic Equality. What does America look like without mass incarceration, racist policing practices, unequal education for our youth, and ubiquitous white supremacy? As artists how do we get there? What tools can we use or create to guide away from this system and thoroughly change our communities? This is not some idealistic, impractical breath of fresh air to only head back into an asphyxiating reality. This is a call to action to bring forth ideas worth exploring, worth trying, worth implementing to truly transform our country, the world, and our future. - Ann Lewis

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